Tighten Your Message in the Age of Social Media


I think that we share too much on social media. A bit of mystery and a clear message goes far. It’s the beginning of July and I take a moment to peer out my window to the lush green plants that have helped to keep my office cool. It has taken me a while to sit down and write out my thoughts about how to move ahead, how to not remain stagnant and how to grow with the times. For the past eighteen years I have been a professional content creator before there was such a term. I excelled in my field and strove to mimic the classic works of the designers of the past. My goal was to be part of an international team of copywriters, art directors, designers and photographers tackling the communication problems for our clients and supplying award winning solutions delivered across television and radio. Nowadays, those platforms have given way to Instagram and YouTube and those international design teams have dwindled down to one or two people handling many skill sets to be competitive in the world of shrinking budgets and attention spans. 

For the past six years I have worked on my own through my design firm and have been blessed with clients through word of mouth. I’ve handled exciting graphic design and packaging assignments from some of the biggest heavy hitters in the beauty industry, and hopefully, I will build enough brand name for myself to age gracefully in life and career. That doesn’t mean that I am content to ride my current success into the future. Trends change and so do the mindsets of my clients and their audiences. Will I be relevant in the years ahead? 

Social media is here and it is running strong. We have the power to craft our online identities in a way that works for us, but I, like so many, have not really embraced it to that effect. Instagram, for instance, has changed drastically from its intended use of everyday picture sharing to becoming a great vehicle to deliver fresh content to new audiences. I failed to react to these changes and my account became a mishmash of shots of buildings, plants, friends and travel photography. Sure, they were great images but...no one had any idea what I did professionally for a living. Not one of those images showcased my expertise in graphic design, packaging or product photography. I was definitely missing out on some opportunities. What I needed was a new start and so I tightened my message. One look at my account and you will see images that reinforce my talents. I am crafting a brand that services the needs of other brands. This is a business. This is my business. To my fellow creatives, keep your content and message to the point and share what is important to you and your brand.